Origin Story of “SIRUDA”

Due to the rigorous demands of domestic and international motor sport activities,
drivers and mechanics constantly pursue increased levels of
performance and reliability from their engines.

The head gasket is a key component of engine performance,
providing sealing capability and reliable power output.


Domestic users often choose head gaskets imported from overseas to
meet their engine overhaul and rebuild needs,
not taking into consideration the high cost of import,
a large range of products unable to meet specific individual needs,
product support issues such as language barriers,
incorrect installation/application, or unable to resolve technical issues.

SIRUDA” was established in November 2010 by Ing Tien Enterprise Co. Ltd (ITE)
in pursuit of the ultimate in internal combustion engine performance.


Logo: Story and differentiation

The name “SIRUDA” is derived from the Japanese kanji spelling of our parent company.
Using a phoenix as the company logo,
a sense of high quality and rejuvenated life is conveyed.

The same philosophy can be found in Western as well as Eastern cultures:
a sense of continual innovation and striving for excellence, always climbing upward,
represented by a phoenix and driven by ITE’ passion.

With SIRUDA‘ support, engines are given new life
and a new lease on showcasing their performance.

After initial concept hand drawings verified the original pattern,
changes were made that oriented the design toward practical use and future trends.

Three-dimensional geographical shapes were added,
and the logo was further refined to add an element of wingspan,
symbolizing the idea of soaring up towards a higher goal.



The logo design and name comes from the Decipher font.

The look and feel was refined with a modern design,
with the dark red color as the primary color theme conveying a sense of passion and stability.

A simplified color design gives a strong professional presence